Do you have a little programmer on your hands? Then these kids coding classes are perfect for your techie.

From mobile app development to coding for beginners, and even a game development course – there’s a course that your little one is sure to enjoy.


Tynker Coding

If your child is 5 -17 years then Tynker Coding is a great choice.

They’ll learn everything there is to learn about computer programing in a fun way.

Tynker Coding has helped over 60 million kids and serves school and educators worldwide.

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Online Courses – Premier Genie

With a variety of kids programming courses to choose from, Premier Genie is a fantastic choice for kids to explore and hone their understand in advanced mathematics, STEM, logical reasoning, computer science and problem solving.

Some of the kids coding and programming courses include Games Development Course, Coding for Beginners, Scratch Coding Course, Mobile Application Development and more.

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Online Coding Classes – Penrose Learning Center

When looking at computing for kids, Python coding is an important course used for web & software development, and robotics & data science.

This is the easiest programming language to learn after which ids will be able to program on the web, desktop, mobile applications and more.

This builds a great foundation for kids looking to potentially pursue coding as a future career.

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