With International Women’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be great to sit down with our founders for a quick Q&A! Each week we will be posting out one Q&A for each of our founders with advice and tips for busy moms!

Read below our interview with Simona Agolini, CEO and co-founder of QiDZ!

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What is one way that you take time for yourself during the week?

I always find time to do my boxing classes which I love!! And I always find time to have dinner or a drink with my girlfriends.

What pressures do you go through and what makes you feel stronger?

Juggling all the different aspects of my life keeps me busy – would not necessarily say that it’s a pressure but making sure that the dog is fed, my daughter is where she needs to be with the right clothes or accessories (like – it was World Book Day at School on 4th March – have to make sure she is dressed appropriately and in character); the fridge is full, my mother is ok, I am ready for work and have planned the family activities for the weekend or the month or whatever it is… paid the bills, fixed the house – etc ?.

The pressures happen when anything of those things are out of balance – eg. My nanny is on holiday, or my daughter is sick – then you have to really juggle. What makes me stronger is having amazing friends and family around and having the most amazing help at home with our nanny

How do you manage your time between running a business and a family?

Making sure you are clear on your priorities. One of the benefits of having your own company is that you decide what has to be done and when – on the flip side, you always have things to do! But having the flexibility of doing stuff at night when the family is asleep or looked after helps a lot in balancing the different requirements.

What do you think makes a great mom?

I think being a mom is the most difficult (and the most rewarding) job in the world. I don’t know what makes a great mom but I think being there for your child no matter what, helping them build their confidence and listening to them, teaching them to be kind and playing with them are all important components of being a good mom.

Advice for women wanting to start their own business?

Make sure you have a good idea, make sure you have a good plan on how to execute it, make sure you have someone to mentor/support you and be a sounding board and provide honest feedback and make sure you are solving a real problem and you know how to sell your story.


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