It’s Handwriting Day and improving cursive writing for kids and overall handwriting is always something that we’re interested in.

Whether you’re looking for a course or free printables, you’ll find tons of inspiration and ideas on QiDZ (and a fantastic deal to help with your little one’s handwriting as well!).


Handwriting Classes At Master Brain

In the Master Brain handwriting classes, kids learn proper hand position and body posture, cursive writing for kids, legible and neat presentation.

Did you know that developing a comfortable, relaxed pencil grip ensures the hand does not get too tired when writing extended periods of time? The kids learn how to do this and improve their spelling, punctuation and vocabulary too.

Find out and buy classes on QiDZ here.


Creative Writing For Kids

This course is designed for children to learn how to express their creativity, thoughts and ideas in words using the language experience approach.

It is meant to guide students to put their concepts on paper and discover the wonderful world of creative writing.

Students will freely express themselves and explore the excitement of being an author in this fun and imaginative course!

Find out more and buy now here.

Cursive Writing For Kids | QiDZ | Your Family Guide

Practice Writing Through Drawing

This is a great activity for pre-schoolers!

Get the kids practicing straight lines, controlled shapes and strengthening their pencil grip without it being “ABC” all the time.

Print out these hand writing worksheets and get your preschoolers (3-5) years practicing.

(This activity was contributed by @acraftylittleone see more on Instagram)

Find out more on QiDZ here.


Handwriting & Cutting Free Printable

Here are some ways of getting the kids to practice handwriting strokes and pencil grip without them realizing.

As adults we don’t realize how much goes into cutting until you watch a child try to do it!

Downaload and print worksheets from QiDZ so that your little ones can practice cutting along the lines and shapes helping to strengthen their hand muscles.

You can also use the colored shapes stencil to trace and draw the shapes.

Download and print the handwriting worksheet here.


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