In a Fitness Rut? Why You Need to Book a Free Personal Training Session

In a Fitness Rut? Why You Need to Book a Free Personal Training Session

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


Somehow 2022 is almost over! The year has come and almost gone, and so have probably the new year’s resolutions that you had set this past January. Your determination to cook a fresh meal for the kids every night has probably made way for more scrambled eggs and Deliveroos than you had planned for. Your idea to take the stairs at the office sounded really great on January 2nd, but got pretty tiring between the 10th and the 15th floor. Your plans to use the backyard for regular gatherings and barbecues got lost in the clutter of kids’ toys and died along with the un-watered plants. Reading this laundry list of uncompleted resolutions might put you down, but, I personally believe, that goals don’t have a time limit, start or end point. You can set new plans at any time of the year! That’s why it’s not too late to up your health game by trying personal training classes with Enhance Fitness. A gym membership and personal training don’t offer the same things. Personal training is different in several ways:   

  • It’s Personalized: This sounds like stating the obvious, but using a trainer means that you get a workout not only tailored to your fitness level but to your every muscle and to your goals. The trainers at Enhance Fitness will flesh out a plan based on what your aim is, whether building your core, losing weight or improving your heart rate, stamina and overall fitness. That way you can get the results you’ve been dreaming of more quickly, rather than constantly signing up for the gym and giving up when you don’t feel like you’ve improved.
  • Choose the Time and Place: When there’s a class schedule for Zumba and Body Pump, you need to change your own routine to meet the program at the gym. When you sign up for personal training, the trainer will find a time and day, whenever it is that best suits you. This is obviously even more valuable when you have kids and don’t have the same flexibility that you used to.
  • Get Moving with Your Kids: Speaking of kids, you can actually have personal training sessions alongside your kids! That may not sound like fun, but it can actually be a great way to entertain them, get them to follow directions and encourage them to get moving and away from all their screens and devices. The trainers at Enhance Fitness have the patience and know-how to take over and get kids to follow along with their instructions and make it fun.
  • There’s Something for Everyone: When you sign up with a personal trainer, it doesn’t mean just boring, repetitive exercises and being ordered around like at a bootcamp. Enhance Fitness trainers offer everything from traditional fitness training to boxing classes, yoga or even one-to-one swimming classes either at home or at any of their partner gyms. With such a wide range of activities, there is bound to be something for every member of your family.

Trying out these personalized sessions for free might just be the start to healthy habits that last longer than your usual New Year’s Resolutions!

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