How To Treat Lice: Lice Out Dubai

How To Treat Lice: Lice Out Dubai


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Wondering where to go in Dubai when you think your kids have lice? Lice Out has you covered! Read all about Lice Out below and find out more about what to do if you think your kids have lice.

Who are lice out?

Lice Out is an International Reference Center specialized in lice and nits removal for children and adults in Dubai. We are part of one of the largest franchising networks of lice centers, an international pioneer company with more than 10 years of experience and more than 55 Centers & 100.000 treatments across 7 Countries. With our certified effective treatment, 100% Natural & Safe, our professional specialists are here to end the lice nightmare at home or in our center with a VIP private area! LICE FREE, WE GUARANTEE!

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What is the most common way to get lice?

The TWO most common ways to get lice:

1) Head-to-head contact – lice do not jump or fly as we are led to believe. What must be considered is that they move extremely fast between heads. Hygiene has nothing to do with it.

2) Sharing items such as combs, hats, hair ribbons, headbands, etc! Even scarves, since lice often nest behind the ears and in the lower part of the scalp. By the way, pets such as dogs or cats are not lice spreaders.

How do you know you have lice and what should you do?

Four signs that someone has lice:

  1. Itchiness – Lice feed on the blood they suck from our heads, so every time they do it, it is normal to feel itching, which can go from slight to severe as the lice infestation grows
  2. The feeling of something crawling on your scalp – when lice are not removed, they keep growing as they feed, making it relatively easy to feel them walking on the head.
  3. Lice reproduce very quickly, leaving their eggs all over the hair. These eggs are known as nits, usually tiny white dots, very hard to be removed. They are especially visible on dark hair.
  4. Due to the itchiness, those who have lice also suffer small sores on the scalp caused by scratching.

What to do – It’s always better to go to a professional center and seek effective treatment. Schools must be informed to take the necessary measures in the classroom.

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What products should be used to remove the lice?

A treatment exclusively based on a product application does not work. Nits adhere to the scalp tightly, and only a professional system can remove them successfully. Over-the-counter shampoos or lotions are chemical-based and harmful to children’s health. Even if it can kill all the lice, they don’t kill the nits, which will turn into lice in a few days. Lice Out treatment is 100% natural and safe, we only use our specialized vacuum system and certified anti-nit comb to remove them effectively.

Tips on keeping your head healthy.

  1. Establish one day a week to review all the family member’s hair. Use a professional comb to make sure you do a complete screening.
  2. Wash sheets, pillowcases, and towels at least once a week
  3. Do not share personal objects such as brushes, combs, hair ribbons, hats, etc. Label your children’s personal belongings so they know to whom it belongs.
  4. Avoid head-to-head contact. Girls should wear their hair tied up or with braids.

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Customer Testimonials

“Very thorough in their work, professional behavior, very well managed customer service and a delight to be around. As my kid has been having the issue of lice- in a matter of two weeks they helped clear it out and voila- the entire process is something more than wonderful. I can’t express how impressed I am. No chemicals and nothing nasty as they promise- all organic and a lot of hard work is what this place is about.”

“Lice can be a nightmare for any mom. Once it attacks poor kids then doesn’t leave them alone easily. I had been struggling with my gals over this issue every summers. And kept burning money on chemicals, useless combs.. Luckily I came across this center and thought of giving it a try. To my surprise, just in no time my girls were free from headlice and nits.. In one session they removed everything and kids came home jumping with joy! Can’t thank the lice out staff enough for their professional and skillful services. Total chemical free and hassle free treatment with state of the art equipment! Highly recommended to anyone to wants to get rid of head lice in one shot!”

“Amazing service! Jenny did an amazing job with my daughter and she was so nice sw eet with her!. Absolutely recommended and would go again if needed.”

“Got treated today, loved the friendly staff and they made sure all the lice and nits were extracted carefully, another free screening has been arranged 7 days later to recheck for any lice”

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