Who’d have thought you can have this much fun with playdough? Not only that playdough is brilliant for both fine motor skills and brain development and how you can use it to learn.

Here are some of our ideas of how you can use play dough to learn:

Make Faces

Gather things from around the house like buttons, beads, feathers, tooth picks, ribbon and make faces with hair!


Kids love this one! Roll out the dough- make the tasty bits and pieces and make your own make-believe pizza. You can even make spaghetti with mum’s garlic press!

Cookie Cutter Fun

This is a simple one we know, but fun for the little ones. Use a rolling pin to roll it out flat, use the cookie cutter moulds to cut the play dough into familiar or exotic shapes! Use other kitchen utensils like potato mashers and sieves to punch out fun holes

Homemade Playdough | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai
Treasure Hunt

Put some small coins into a good chunk of playdough. Arm each player with a spoon and then get them to dig out all the treasure! Time it to make it even more fun.


Got a coloring stencil or book? Have the kids fill in the line drawings with the different coloured playdough.


Play dough is a great and simple way to teach kids the basics of maths.

Practice Your Letters

Use different coloured playdough to make different letters!


Check out our Simple recipe for at homemade playdough- totally toxic-free, but just a little salty here: Homemade Playdough

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