The Dubai summer is upon us so it’s time to move inside. Thankfully the UAE is very well prepared for the hot summer months and there are so many kids’ activities on offer.

One of our favorite family places is Trampo Extreme at Nakheel Mall and Dubai Mall (or even further afield Al Ain). Trampo is a favorite as it caters to everyone in the family.

Younger kids can enjoy the soft play/climbing area whilst older kids can explore all the trampolines and challenges in the trampoline area. Even parents have fun if the kids are of a certain age because once the kids have entered the play area, parents can take some time to stroll around the mall and get some shopping done.
If the kids are young and/or you are not comfortable leaving them ‘unattended’, then there is a nice seating area in both the Dubai and the
Nakheel mall branches where you can get some refreshments whilst keeping an eye on the kids. In addition, the whole experience is seamless as you can park in the mall parking, and you can go straight to Trampo Extreme where you can quickly start playing.

For the kids – Trampo Extreme offers all kinds of exciting challenges from simple trampolines, to ziplining into foam blocks, speed challenges, etc. For the younger kids, the soft play area and climbing frame are big enough so that the kids can crawl and climb through it and spend a good hour or two challenging themselves and learning new skills.

  Top Tips

  • Take water and store it in the locker
  • If you have anti-slip socks from Trampo – take them with you
  • Wear sports (or comfortable clothes) and expect to get hot and sticky