Having a Family is Something to Celebrate: Or Is It?

Having a Family is Something to Celebrate: Or Is It?

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


Families are just wonderful, aren’t they? Being surrounded by your loved ones, their joy, laughter, and making memorable moments together. Okay, so if you have a spouse and kids, you know that it’s not all that rosy. There are certain things, that come with having a family, that make it quite a challenge at times. Here are some of my top annoying behaviors of my family members:

They Can Never Find Anything: Most moms will agree that you are the designated GPS of the family. No one from your husband to your teens or toddler can ever find what they’re looking for, whether it’s the bottle of ketchup right in the door of the fridge, their homework folder, or even their pair of shoes. Somehow you get called upon to always stop whatever you’re doing and get it for them.

No One Changes the Toilet Roll: So this is pretty self-explanatory, but what is it about having a family that automatically makes you the toilet paper changer? Why doesn’t anyone else notice that the toilet paper is finished? Why don’t they ever attach it to the actual dispenser?

They Always Leave You Surprises: Wait a minute, that sounds good doesn’t it? But, you’re wrong, the kind of surprises I’m talking about are wet towels on the floor, dirty socks in random places, and squished fruit at the bottom of their book bags that you find weeks later. My husband also forgets snacks in his work bag sometimes!

Car Rides: This title is only two words long, because: Car. Rides. There are no words to describe this particular brand of torture. No one is ever happy with their seat. Everyone is a backseat DJ. There are crackers and McDonalds fries wedged between the nooks and crannies of your car that are older than you. Trying to pull over on a 6-lane highway when your toddler is potty training and suddenly needs to pee. Getting stuck in hours of traffic during one of Dubai’s rainy days. Rushing to be the first in line at school pickup. Car rides are simply traumatic with a family.

They Fight Like the WWE: When your kid nosedives off the sofa and straight onto their sibling below them. When your kids keep coming up for worse insults for each other. When you can never figure out “who started it” and why everyone is crying, then you have a family, and families always come with drama.

All that said about families, and you have to admit that you somehow can’t live without them. In spite of all the annoying things they do, and all the messes they make, family is love and good times. So, why not remember what it’s like to have fun and laugh as a family this weekend to celebrate the International Day of Families? Make some good memories to tide you over when everyone is arguing again!

In Dubai, distract your family from their fighting with some cool creatures and a rain forest-like environment at Green Planet. If you have some football-crazy kids and spouse at home, then take them to Footlab, where they can get all their energy out scoring goals. If they’re out of the house, that means that the house stays tidy! Sometimes the best way to unite the family, is to get them to all laugh at mom when she tries to rollerskate. That’s why it’s a good idea to take your family to Roll DXB this weekend. At the very least, you’ll tire them out…

In Abu Dhabi, your family will be mesmerized by some fantastic sea creatures at The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi. The whole family will be laughing and having a great time when you take them for a day out at Yas Waterworld. They will be so eager to go on all the rides, that you can probably just sip your cold drink by the pool. The stunning architecture at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, will keep adults and kids interested for a whole day, and there’s always a fascinating exhibit on that counts as educational but is also cool enough for the kids. Get your kids to play as a team at Switch Bowling. They will be high-fiving each other in no time!

Entertain the whole family at Monster Jam. Those monster trucks are so out of this world, that they will forget what they were complaining about. For a relaxing and entertaining Sunday out, take your family to the Roast N Roll at Central, where they can enjoy a delicious Sunday roast with a live rock band and games for the kids. You don’t have to cook and they don’t have to dirty anything! How’s that for a family day?



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