Want some fun and thrills and a way to burn off energy? Look no further than Hatta Wadi Hub (https://www.visithatta.com/en/play/adventures)! It’s a 1.5 hour drive from Dubai and the route from Dubai, takes you through the desert and on a beautiful new road through the mountains.  Its a fantastic place for both adults and kids alike – a playground and entertainment zone right in the heart of the UAE. The setting is stunning as Hatta is nestled between the mountains which provides for a beautiful backdrop.


Upon arrival in Hatta, head to Hatta Wadi Hub and park your car in the parking provided. Then head to the Shop and choose which activities you want to do. There is an endless list of activities to choose from including Zorbing, Tubing, Drop In, Archery, Wall climbing, Ziplining, Carting (for older kids), mountain biking, trampolining, hiking etc.


Most of the activities are paid activities (although you can choose a bundle of activities), but there is also a free playground , which is conveniently located in front of the Cafe, for  kids to play on. Our family opted for the Drop in (see video) and Tubing (see video) which provided plenty of adrenaline rush and the time flew by.  After finishing the activities, we headed to Al Hajarain Restaurant (an Emirati restaurant in Hatta https://www.visithatta.com/en/dine-and-shop/local-restaurants/al-hajarain) for some delicious shish tawook, some chicken Makboos, fattoush salad and hummus.


After lunch, we went to the Hatta Dam which is truly spectacular and where you can rent pedalos/paddle boat or kayaks (https://hattakayak.com/ ) and row out onto the dam itself.


If you wish to spend the night in Hatta, there are many options including Eco Lodges, Sedr Trailers, JA Fort Hotel etc – and there are so many activities on offer that Hatta merits more than a day trip. However, make sure to book your overnight stay ahead of time as it is a popular destination.


Top Tips:

  • Go early so that you can make the most of the day
  • Wear sunscreen as you are out in the sun all day
  • Think ahead of time which activities you think you would like to do as there are so many to choose from on the day, that it can be overwhelming
  • Take a bathing suit and towel and clothes are easy to change in/out of
  • Some activities do get closed due to winds so be prepared to be flexible (eg. the zipline was shut when we were there)
  • Take some snacks and water (there is food available but always good to have snacks)
  • wear sports clothes