Hack Your Life as a Parent in Dubai With Dubai Parent of the Week: Sara Hamam Mansour

Hack Your Life as a Parent in Dubai  With Dubai Parent of the Week: Sara Hamam Mansour

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


Name: Sara Hamam Mansour

Profession: Head of Marketing for Les Mills (fitness company)

Work-from-home Mom to Lea (7 and a 1/2) and Malek (5)

Daily Routine: “I’m up at 6 every day and so are the kids, so it’s breakfast and getting ready for school, which is a five-minute drive from home. Their dad and I take turns dropping them off by car, depending on who is working from home that day. Ever since the pandemic happened, I’ve been able to work from home, and that’s continued 2 to 3 days a week. I try to go into the office now though, since it can get lonely to be home all day! The kids have after school activities at school 3 days a week and come home at 4:30 by bus. I get home from the office an hour later and that’s when I do their homework with them. Their dad gets home later (around 7:30) and we try to have dinner together at that time, almost every night. It’s a mad rush each night to get them to bed by 8:30, only to do it all again the next day at 6 am!”

Favorite Neighborhood Hangout: When I have free time, or even when I’m with the kids, my favorite spot that has everything, is the community club in my Dubai neighborhood: Al Furjan Club. It’s the best place to get something to drink, go to the gym or even hang out by the pool. When I’m on my own, it’s so relaxing to suntan there and read a book, and when we go with the kids we always run into their friends, classmates and even teachers from their school; it’s so cozy.

Favorite Kids’ Activity: My favorite activity to take the kids to, is the climbing wall at Adventure HQ. They’re just the right age for it, and even Malek who’s 5 can get to the top and feel proud of himself. When they finish climbing, we always get an ice cream. It’s our little routine. We also love going as a family to the pavilion on Jumeirah Island with all the restaurants. It’s such a low-key way to spend the day, because the kids take their bikes or scooters, and we can get something to eat and just enjoy the outdoors. I always prefer to do low-key activities that don’t involve taking them to the mall!

Favorite Activity to do Without Kids: If I could get some time to myself I would love to wander around and shop at Dubai Hills Mall. It’s super big, really, really nice and just a treat to go there on my own.

Parenting Hack: My biggest hack would be to sign up for and rely on the What’s App groups for your kids’ classes! Those groups can be an absolute lifesaver, whether it’s asking about the homework for the next day or needing last minute help, they are always so supportive. Just today another mom was late for pickup, and a parent in the group, right away offered to watch her daughter for her, until she could make it to school. My second hack would be: if you can, live close to school!


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