Celebrating Women’s Superpowers on Women’s Day and Every Day

Celebrating Women’s Superpowers on Women’s Day and Every Day

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


This week we celebrate women from all walks of life and talk about the importance of women in our society as businesswomen, mothers, doctors, teachers, etc. and as equals with men.

Let’s take a minute though to acknowledge that women are special and that we are proud to be ourselves, as we do things in our own unique way, and sometimes that can be even better.

I find that women seem to be tuned into a higher power when it comes to their abilities. I will make a disclaimer and say that I’m sure that there are men out there who have some of these abilities and skills, but that I find these superpowers most among women, especially as we grow up!

Supersonic Hearing: Newborn crying?  Kid coughing at 3 am? A bit of wind blowing outside that might knock over a plant? Women are usually to first to tune into any of these sounds while everyone else at home is fast asleep snuggled in their beds. It’s a great skill to have but it’s also exhausting!

Finder’s Radar: This is probably the most talked about of our superpowers. It might have been weak when we were kids, but once we are women, we seem to know where everything is in our household, especially when no one else can find it. If our partners or kids are looking for anything from their homework to their car keys, we somehow know where it is, when exactly it was last seen, and where to find it.

A Magic Touch: When our kids need a serving of fruit or a healthy snack, somehow we just have that “magical” way of cutting or peeling it right. My kids say that I mix pesto sauce into pasta “the right way,” and even I don’t know how I do it. If you have any aunt, grandma or female friend in your life that’s ever served you a cup of tea, made you a sandwich or brought you something when you’re not feeling well, then you know just what kind of magic I’m talking about.

Tetris-Level Packing: Whether we’re going on a solo trip, with our girlfriends, or dragging our whole family across the globe, we have a knack for knowing exactly what to take and how to organize it, and how to fit it into a suitcase better than the makers of the Tetris videogame. There’s some female power in remembering to pack everything, from matching accessories, to a first aid kit and your child’s favorite stuffed toy. We have packing down to a science and we can probably tell how much a suitcase weighs just by looking at it.

Problem Solving Skills: No costume for book day at school tomorrow? Need a dessert for your best friend’s birthday? An event needs to be pulled together for work next week? Well, then there’s a woman for your job. As women, whether you think we are wired or taught to do it, we are always solving problems and putting out fires, and it’s a skill that we master. We will never leave a kid without a pickup, an occasion without a celebration, or a product unsold.

Cloud-Storage Memory: The brain of a grown female has to hold so much information about work, home, friends, family, kids, and even pets. It’s no wonder that we sometimes forget things or get them confused. At the end of the day though, if you need to know where Joe needs to be at 4 o clock on Wednesday afternoon, the details of the business proposal or what little Gina is allergic to, just ask a woman!

Making Everything ‘Better’: As friends, partners, moms and colleagues, women just always seem to have an ear to listen, supportive words and the right amount of understanding to make things better. From a hug to a message to our friends, to a kiss on our little kid’s “wawa,” our magic just tends to make things better. We do so much for our friends, loved ones and communities and we deserve the time to take care of ourselves.

Being Tough as Nails: While we can be kind, supportive and caring, we are, at the same time: “as tough as nails.” Being a woman has made us that way. We are creatures made with a certain longevity and stamina that pushes us through to deal with everything from a terrible and demanding boss to a terrible and demanding toddler. We, as women, keep going for our sakes and those of our loved ones, and sometimes we just need appreciation and a break, even if that means just a face mask, some Netflix and hot cup of tea!

This week as we talk about, celebrate and fight for women everywhere, let’s take a moment to recognize just how amazing we are and give ourselves and the women in our lives the appreciation we deserve. It might just be a break or a little bit or relaxation and pampering that let’s us know our “magic” and “je ne sais quoi” is special and important.



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