Celebrating Women’s Emirati Day with Azzaal Mughairy: A Digital Media Pioneer

Celebrating Women’s Emirati Day with Azzaal Mughairy: A Digital Media Pioneer

By Aya

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In honor of Women’s Emirati Day, we are thrilled to introduce you to an inspiring woman who is making waves in the world of digital media – Azzaal Mughairy , the Founder of @realradio.ae (realradio.ae). As an Emirati mother of three beautiful children, Azzaal took a bold step away from the corporate world and traditional media to explore the realm of digital content creation. Her journey led her to establish her own online radio platform, and we, the Qidz team, are delighted to feature her on this special day. Join us as we dive into Azzaal’s remarkable story and celebrate her achievements as a trailblazer in the digital media landscape.

1. As a start can you give us a small intro about yourself?
Azza Al mughairy .. Emirati women and mother of 3 beautiful kids .. been in the cooperate world between government & banking & hospitals for 14 years and I did 7 years of media as TV reporter for ADTV and MC for different events .. 4 years ago I decided to leave the cooperate life and traditional media to try the digital media as content creator and did open my digital online radio.

2. What inspired you to start your own radio station? Were there any defining moments or personal experiences that drove you to pursue this path?
Well I have passion for radio and talking about social topics and I did work in the radio station and didn’t really work well and I was let out to be honest after that decided not to give up and start my own so getting fired didn’t inspire me heheh.

3. As a mother and entrepreneur, what challenges did you face when juggling your family responsibilities and building your radio station from the ground up?
To be honest not one challenge many depending first I don’t balance all which is normal I just make this week work happen then next day I make it up to kids then next week more my self then then then so I take it day by day and work through it sometimes it’s the guilt toward my kids but I am working on it as at the end am doing this for me and them.

4. How did you manage to overcome those obstacles?
I didn’t manage 100% working through it daily and talking to mental health specialist and expressing did help me and of course talking to my kids and explaining to them.

5. How did your passion for radio broadcasting begin?
Since I was young I was obsessed with Radio and I would call to dedicate a song or pass by the studio to see my favorite radio host I always wanted to try it and go through this line worked hard to get internship and learnt and work in it for while before I opened mine.

6. Was there a particular memory or event that ignited your love for this medium?
I always loved media not sure when did it start but in my heart I know this was a passion I found out late about while working in bank that am good at speaking and stage and mic and took it forward.

7. What does it feel like to see your radio station grow and succeed?
Honestly till now I don’t think I have a word to express other then finally I foaled 3 times trying to do this and now I just celebrated a year and what to say I did more then 50 episodes in different topics and 7 big clients paid so.

8. Can you share some of the proudest moments you’ve experienced along this journey?
I don’t have one to be fair it has been couple either with the radio or social media or TV or even my corporate job I had so much moments from being in tv live for the first time as tv reporter or having my first paid client on instagram or radio and being in different corporate areas from banking to hotel and hospitality and building name for me

9. Were there any moments of self-doubt or fear during the early stages of starting your radio station?
Of course till now .. this was business I invested money and time and it was long journey even till today I have fear but I feel fear makes u work hard and be serious and give more so I don’t mind it.

10. How did you find the strength to push forward despite those emotions?
It’s passion if it’s a passion you can’t let it go easy.

11. Your dedication and commitment to both your family and your business are admirable. How do you strike a balance between your personal life and the demands of running a successful radio station?
I never do balance as I mention .. I feel that’s hard I just go through days trying to do one by one and if one isn’t I will make it up next day or time but balance all in daily base is impossible and I never wanna project that I can.

12. Your journey is undoubtedly an inspiring one. Have there been any instances where you’ve felt like giving up, and if so, what kept you motivated to continue? Yes with radio or social media I did when u just feel overwhelmed with how competitive or someone stealing ur idea or client underestimate you it happens.

13. What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs or mothers who dream of pursuing their passion, just like you did with your radio station?
Do it if your passion about something make it happen .. be open to maybe something you thought u want and it didn’t work and something else came do it maybe it’s the best for you.

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