In celebration of International Women’s Day earlier this month, we sat down with QiDZ Head Of Content & Co-Founder, Therese Hundt to find out more about how she manages her work and personal life and advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Read the full interview below:

What is one way that you take time for yourself during the week?

I absolutely love to draw so one of the ways I like to take time for myself during the week is by getting creative and drawing on my iPad. I find a quiet area and for about an hour I spend some time relaxing through art.


What pressures do you go through and what makes you feel stronger?

Trying to find the balance between work, kids, my husband and time to myself. I worry that I’m not giving them all the right amount of time.

What makes me feel stronger is accepting the fact that I can’t do everything alone and remembering to ask for help when I need it.


How do you manage your time between running a business and a family?

I manage my time by being super organized! I make sure everything is scheduled and in place in order to keep things flowing. I also call on support and ask for help when I need it which I’ve learned to do along the way.


What do you think makes a great mom?

I genuinely think every mom is a great mom and we are all winging it as we go. I think that one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is understanding yourself more as a mom so that you can better understand the way you behave with your kids and understand them as human beings in their own right.


Advice for women wanting to start their own business?

Go for it! Once you have a good idea make sure you get a good plan in place. But be willing to accept that you can’t do every part of the business alone. You have to let go of parts and bring in people who know more about certain areas of your line of business so you can work together to make your business even bigger than you had ever imagined.


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