Celebrating Women’s Day: Q&A With QiDZ CCO

Celebrating Women’s Day: Q&A With QiDZ CCO


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If you’re looking for business inspiration, look no further! Our final interview from women’s day is with QiDZ CCO and Co-Founder, Claudia Ribas.

What is one way that you take time for yourself during the week?

I believe that is really important to take care of one self to have more energy and give attention to the people we love; and many times, due to the multi-roles we play as mums, wives, business women, friends, etc.. we totally forget about it!

In my case I exercise at least 3 times per week and have a nice dinner or a glass of wine with my girlfriends; these are my best ‘me times’ along with the time I set aside to organize and prioritize my weekly goals and actions.


What pressures do you go through and what makes you feel stronger?

As women generally, we have the misconception that we need to take care of everything NOW and of course without a mistake: go to the supermarket, take kids from school, work, feed the kids, workout, look nice, call the plumber if something is not working at home, and the list can go on and on.

I think is possible to make everything happen by having the right support system in place and by letting go (Frozen style!). Just share responsibilities (with your husband, with your helper if you have one, your colleagues, etc..) and make use of technology whenever you can. There are amazing businesses and solutions that will only help to make your life easier; and most importantly… spend time where it really matters to you to make sure that you are happy!


How do you manage your time between running a business and a family?

It’s all about priorities and what makes me happy (if I’m happy I ‘ll make sure everyone is happy around me!).

It’s impossible to do everything perfect and alone. Reality is that you need to compromise as days have only 24 hours, but believe me in 24 hours you can do more things that you can imagine, it is just a matter of organizing yourself and not falling into the trap that you, personally, need to do everything.

What works best for me is to write down my weekly goals (professional and personal) and the things that need to be done to make them happen, and then I classify them into:

  1. Urgent and now
  2. Nice to have

I prioritize them, and action them! I might get things wrong and I might forget school things.. but that’s okay, I live in peace with it!


What do you think makes a great mom?

The best way of being a great mom is just being yourself. There is no right or wrong, is just the way you do it.

Do whatever makes you comfortable, don’t seek too many different opinions and don’t let others tell you what is best, you know better (even if you think you don’t)!

Ask for help, let others help you and don’t try to do everything yourself. Build a support system around you that allows you to be YOU, have some ‘me time’ knowing that your kids are safe. Just enjoy the ride, be happy, be grateful and SMILE- that’s your superpower! Believe me… it works!


Advice for women wanting to start their own business?

Go for it! It can be a bit scary at the beginning but it is an amazing experience.

Choose the right partners, believe in yourself, be resilient and stay positive.

You’ll have your ups and downs, but you will figure out the way as impossible as it may feel!

Work hard (and smart!), talk to people and ask for advice! You’ll be (very positively) surprised how much people are willing to help! Stay true to yourself and your purpose.

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