Looking for a unique experience in the UAE to enjoy with the family? Cararvana Resort Alzorah is definitely a place you should check out.

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Caravana Resort | Camping in Dubai | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Who are Caravana?

Caravana Alzorah is a beach resort that elevates the experience of hotel luxury and hospitality to a new frontier beyond the limits of time and space. It brings you together so close with your spouse and children or friends in cozy chalets with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

What can people do at the resort?

At Caravana Resort, our guests never run out of things to do. The snow-white beaches, the 100 sqm patios and the glamorous caravans will keep you entertained every hour of your stay. The outdoor space is full with activities like; grill area, seating set, a shower place and a stunning snow-white sandy beach.

All our caravans are furnished with daily steam-washed linen and towels. Shampoo, shower-gill and soap are provided for every guest. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary tools for cooking and dining.

Caravana Resort offers the perfect destination for affordable high standard event venues. The chalets with their large patios that lead directly to the beach can be a spectacular place for birthday parties, anniversaries, friends and family get-together and possibly farewell parties.

Caravana Resort | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Additional Activities:

Some of the additional facilities and activities that you can enjoy at Caravana include: swimming pools, jacuzzi, an outdoor cinema, a trampoline for the kids and of course the beach is at your disposal! We also have @theview.ae restaurant, @themuse.ae spa and the @royal_desert_stables! There’s a lot to do here, it’s perfect for a family staycation to get away from the busy city.

Customer testimonials

“Everything was superb! I’ve asked them to prepare a setup by the beach to celebrate my husband’s birthday and they did a very good job. The caravan and outdoor area were extremely clean. Privacy is pretty much achieved if your neighbors don’t overstep. You get to cook your own food since there is a microwave and oven I definitely recommend you getting the deluxe suite caravan – Chalet 1. Beautiful”

“Horse riding school. My daughters love Bandara & Rosey (the horses). They teach the kids how to ride the horse themselves. The kids love it sooo much!”

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