Blossom 2 Awesome Activity Hamper: Gratitude Journals and more

Blossom 2 Awesome Activity Hamper: Gratitude Journals and more


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Gratitude Journal | Blossom 2 Awesome | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What is a gratitude journal?

This gratitude journal encourages children to be more aware of what they have to be thankful for. We tend to take many things for granted and don’t realize how lucky we already are. By spending a few minutes each day to reflect on 2 things to be grateful for will help the child be more mindful of these bounties. The journal also has 5 gratitude-focused activities and a sticker page of things to be grateful for to help reinforce this theme of gratitude.

Why do people use them?

We often don’t realize the value of what we have until it is lost. Practicing gratitude daily puts us in a positive state of mind which helps boost immunity and improves mental health. It helps us focus on the present and be content with what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t.

Why does this make a good party favor gift?

It is a unique gift and can be given on any occasion. It will have a positive impact on whoever uses it and will help improve their wellbeing in a fun way.

Why are they good for kids?

Practicing gratitude daily results in both improved physical and mental health. Getting children in the habit of doing this at a young age will help them throughout their lives. It is important to give children the right tools for them to become the best version of themselves, and feeling grateful can help them in many ways including coming out of depression, staying positive in difficult situations, and finding joy in their normal everyday lives.

What is a kindness  journal?

This journal is filled with various activities that promote acts of kindness to others and oneself. It brings to their attention how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life and encourages them to consciously make an effort to do or say something nice to help make someone’s day better. This journal has different activities like note writing, kindness goals, kindness diary, and more which shows that kindness can be performed in numerous ways.

Why do people use them?

Kindness is something that affects the doer, receiver, and even the one that watches it happen; it is something that spreads exponentially because when one feels good they tend to behave positively towards others as well. The aim of this journal is to encourage children to constantly look for ways to make a positive difference in others’ lives and reinforce that kindness to oneself is important too.

Why does this make a good party favor gift?

This is a gift that is both fun to use and has such a positive impact on the child. Using this journal will make kids want to be a better version of themselves. They will feel good when they’ve selflessly helped someone else. This may not be a typical gift to give, but it definitely is meaningful.

Why are they good for kids?

To build a kinder world tomorrow, we need to raise kind children today. This journal will help children want to be kind to others and go out of their way to do something that will benefit someone else. Even though they may do it consciously now for the sake of filling out the journal, it will soon become their normal behavior. Kindness has a way of rippling out and affecting people who weren’t even part of the initial act, so why not make our children the catalysts of positive change by starting this chain.

Gratitude Journal | Blossom 2 Awesome | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What is a planner?

Our daily planner is good to use for 1 month and aids in both organizational skills and time management by having a place to write your to-do list for the day. It does not stop there, this planner also includes a mood tracker to visually show how you felt throughout the month, weather tracker, water tracker, a goal of the day, and interesting facts about the rainforest and jungle. The theme itself is “life is a celebration” and shows animals partying in their habitat. With this planner, kids will begin to be more efficient and organized with their time management and learn about how important the rainforest is to our planet. With more awareness, we hope that they will be more mindful of their actions that affect this crucial ecosystem to help make this world better for the future.

Why do people use them?

Planners are scientifically proven to help people be more efficient and reduce stress because they are able to judge what needs priority and get that done. It gives one a sense of accomplishment when they see that they were able to do what they planned to do that day and helps them manage their time better throughout the day.

Why does this make a good party favor gift?

This planner is fun to use and is most likely one that they have never received before. If you’re looking for something meaningful and different to give, this is it.

Why are they good for kids?

This planner helps develop crucial habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Someone who is good at organization and time management will be less stressed and more efficient in the work he or she does. This planner also encourages drinking enough water every day and being aware of how you are feeling with the mood tracker which promotes physical and mental wellbeing from a young age

What is a note kit?

Our note kits come in 4 great designs: unicorn and rainbow, princess and swan, outer space, and knight and dragon. Each kit comes with 5 themed pages of note paper, 5 themed envelopes, and 5 stickers to seal the envelopes.

Blossom 2 Awesome | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Why do people use them?

Handwritten notes or letters are more appreciated due to the sentimental value. It adds a personal touch and shows that you have taken the time and effort to do something for the receiver. These note kits are a fun way to encourage communication and writing notes by hand which has become rare in this digital world.

Why does this make a good party favor gift?

Notes are fun to write and receive and will make a cute addition to your giveaways.

Why are they good for kids?

They’re fun to use and sometimes it is easier to write something rather than say it.

 Do you have a personal story to accompany this? How did this business idea come about?

Blossom to Awesome was created by 2 mothers, Tasneem and Alefiya, who saw the need to give the right tools to their children to form positive habits. Their first product was a gratitude journal for kids which was not previously available in the market. Children as young as 4 years old could now use it and start practicing gratitude daily and be more mindful of what they already have. Initially, it was just something they were making for their own children, but soon realized that other parents would be interested in it too and that is what turned the home project into a business. All products are designed by these two ladies. Since the success of the gratitude journal, they have developed other journals which they feel would help form the right habits from a young age which would help them throughout their lives


Gratitude journal:

“I have seen such a positive change in my daughter since using this. She starts looking for things to be grateful for during the day so she can write it in her journal. The journal is perfect to start introducing gratitude into children’s lives”

“The pictures on every page is a great conversation starter. My child even likes the happiness meter which has helped me understand his feelings better. The best part is that it takes a few minutes every day to think of 2 things so he doesn’t get bored using it”


“The illustrations are great. My child (and I) have learned many cool things about the rainforest. Having a to-do list is a great way to stay on top of the tasks you want to get done that day and I’m glad he has started doing it”

Note Kits:

“My daughter loved her princess and swan note kit. She used them all in 1 day writing letters to all her family members. Needless to say, they all enjoyed reading her letters too.”

“I gave this as part of my son’s birthday giveaway gift. Kids love writing notes and the prints look really cool”

Kindness Journal:

“This book has encouraged my child to go out of her way to do something kind for someone else which is amazing. She has started noticing other people performing acts of kindness. This journal is great for promoting kindness – highly recommend it!”

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