QiDZ at Home: Activities For Kids At Home

QiDZ at Home: Activities For Kids At Home


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With the kids at home for the next month or so, coming up with activities for them on a daily basis can seem daunting! Don’t worry though, QiDZ are here to help. Introducing #QiDZatHome, a new category for us to make these next weeks a little easier on you!

QiDZ at Home is a collection of various activities for kids at home – DIY Crafts, Cooking with kids, fun games and YouTube learning!

To help you get your week sorted, check out these great activities for the kids to enjoy at home!


QiDZ at Home: Activities for Kids at home | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Make: DIY Stretchy Slime

Who doesn’t love playing with gooey stretchy slime!? You can easily make one with the kids which they will love making and playing with! They can customize their slime with their favorite colors and glitters too!

Play: Indoor Circuit Fun

Eat your heart out f45 and circuit training! This one is set to get the kids moving indoors! Set up different stations around the room and come up with funny exercises or short 30 second activities at each. Grab some sheets of recycled paper so you can write down or draw what you decide to do at each. Have someone sit out and whistle at each 30 seconds or you can use your timer on your phone.

Cook: Easy Guacamole

A classic dip! Your kids are sure to enjoy mashing up avocados – and what’s better is they’ll enjoy eating it afterwards too! Follow this easy and quick recipe that even the kids can follow! Go on mama, let the kids take care of this one.


QiDZ at Home: Activities for Kids at home | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Make: Paper Plate Frog Hand Puppet

Ribbit! Heres a quick, simple fun craft idea using a few bits and bobs around that your pre-schoolers are sure to love. Lots of quick, simple easy steps for them to be involved in. You could get creative and make lots of other animals (a snake, a shark, bear- so many!). Have them make up a story to go with it!

Play: Treasure Hunt Around the House

Dig out some of the Christmas baubles you tucked away in January and take turns to hide them around the house. If you have alphabet toys or foam cut outs, turn it into a learning game so they have to find all the letters of the alphabet and put it in order. While you wait for the other to hide the treasure, you can also get the kids practicing their counting skills!

Cook: Cake in a Mug

Parents, we’re sure your kids will drive you crazy wanting to make this easy cake in a mug! This is really something the kids can take charge of and create on their own by just following the recipe! (You just might need to help them out when they need to measure something, but it’s also a learning opportunity!)


QiDZ at Home: Activities for Kids at home | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Make: Recycled Car Garage

This is a great one for pretend play and doesn’t cost a thing! For the car, train (and tram!) mad kids, make a simple garage by cutting out small door flaps on either side of the box and let the stories and “toot toot” sound begin! If you also have toilet paper rolls, these make excellent tunnels! An egg cartons make great trees and mountains!

Play: Storytelling Game

Each participant comes up with an agreed number of key words (a character, a place, a thing) & writes them down in a piece of paper. All pieces of paper are folded & placed in a bowl. Taking turns, participants will pull a piece of paper and, with those words in mind, will tell a story. Together, players will come up with a setting, plot, conflict & resolution, giving the story unexpected twists & personal touches based on individual creativity.

Cook: Easy homemade Mac and Cheese

Teach the kids how to make this crowd pleaser- a skill for life! With this simple recipe, kids can make their own mac and cheese which only takes 5 minutes to prepare-and uses the microwave too! Allow your kids to unleash their independence and make this easy recipe for them to enjoy. Mac & cheese is a skill for life!


QiDZ at Home: Activities for Kids at home | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Make: Grow Rainbow Flowers

Kids love watching things grow – but it can be a little tricky with apartment life and the weather in these parts of the world. Here’s an idea to do in your home. Pick a couple of white flowers with soft green stems and add them to a jar of colored water and watch the flowers change change color gradually over a few hours. Experiment and try with a range of colors and see what happens!

Play: Find the Treasure!

Can you help the unicorn find the treasure? Can you fill the buckets with the correct number of missing treasure pieces? Extend this activity by drawing the rainbow and creating a story to go with it! The treasure could be anything you have around the home- We also love to do this with popcorn. With the older kids try it with chopsticks! Great for fine motor skill development!

Cook: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

When the kids want something sweet, but you want something a little more wholesome – meet in the middle and bake up some banana chocolate chip muffins! This recipe is easy enough for the budding master chefs as all ingredients are mixed together in one go, then pour and bake! Have the kids help you out with prepping (the little guys love throwing everything in the blender!) but leave the baking part to the adults – or be sure to supervise.


QiDZ at Home: Activities for Kids at home | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Make: Recycled Space Suit

Fly me to the moon! Turn those old packaging bits and bobs into an adventure! Make this astronaut pack with 2 empty bottles, some colored paper, tape and some ribbon! Get the kids role playing! Got a box? The perfect helmet! Team it up with book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy so you can all go on this space journey together.

Play: Play Fictionary!

Fictionary is a dictionary game in which players have to guess the definition of an uncommon word. Each round consists of 1 player selecting & announcing a word from the dictionary & other players making a fake definition for it. Definitions are collected by the selector & read aloud, and players vote on the definition they believe to be correct. Points are given to correct guesses & for having a fake definition guessed by another player.

Cook: Easy Pizza

We love pizza, kids love pizza, who doesn’t love pizza? Follow these easy steps to create your own pizza masterpiece! Get the kids involved and let their inner Masterchef unleash!


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