A Typical Day During Ramadan 2020 by Mummy On My Mind

A Typical Day During Ramadan 2020 by Mummy On My Mind



Contributed by Zeyna Sanjania (Mummy On My Mind)

Ramadan 2020 definitely hit us different! With self-isolation and what’s happening in the world, we can expect some lifestyle changes. So we asked family and lifestyle blogger Zeyna Sanjania aka Mummy On My Mind, what a typical Ramadan day looks like for her.

Read all about it, below.

Zeyna | Ramadan 2020 | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What does a typical Ramadan 2020 day look like in my home? As typical as it can get during a Covid-19 pandemic anyway? In many respects it doesn’t change a whole lot really. But in some little ways, it affects us entirely.

This year I am continuing with the tradition of a Ramadan Calendar! Here my six year old loves to countdown the days till Eid every morning on our felt DIY calendar, along with picking out a good deed to do for the day. Instead of giving out Ramadan 2020 Mubarak cards to my older son’s school friends and teachers, this year we still draw and decorate the cards, and share them via emails and Zoom calls instead.

Being at home means that we try to do at least one art and craft activity each day, mainly because let’s face it, my boys will nag me until I don’t give in. And it’s better than them climbing the walls! Thankfully, there’s plenty of ideas on QiDZ UAE and other websites online that we can take inspiration from. This is followed by a mini workout whilst following the Body Coach or a kids yoga session on Youtube. I must admit, this is where Dad takes over, as crafts is more my domain. There may or may not be some playful wrestling that creeps into the routine, so I like to count myself out!

I miss participating in and teaching the concept of charity to my older son through amazing initiatives like Ramadan Fridge that Dubai catered, but now we take the opportunity of offering food and water to the delivery staff that knock on our door instead, still trying to get across the importance of being charitable. My six year old has also put up a rainbow colored “Keep Smiling” sign on our front door, hoping to spread some joy.

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Due to the lockdown, and mosques being closed, we have really enjoyed praying as a family together in congregation.

Even if it means that the two year old resorts to climbing up our backs and throwing toys left, right and center during prayer. At sunset, we huddle together over the dining table to break our fast. My two year old son sneaking in dates and samosas before the azaan is given whilst the older one waits with us patiently to give thanks and begin eating.

We go to bed, stomachs full and hearts content (unless it’s a distance learning week day…hehe!), grateful all the same for making the best out of being at home with the whole family and ready to repeat it all over again the next day.

This is what makes up a typical Ramadan 2020 day. As typical as it can get during a Covid-19 pandemic anyway. In many respects it doesn’t change a whole lot really. We still learn about charity and do plenty of painting. But in some little ways, it affects us entirely. For the better I think. It allows us to bond and pray together as a family in a way that we weren’t fortunate enough to do so before. This Ramadan will be one to remember, in our lifetimes as well as our children’s. This is what a typical Ramadan day is like at our home, as typical as it gets during a Covid-19 pandemic anyway. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan 2020 | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai


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