A Perfect box that creates a super quality time!

A Perfect box that creates a super quality time!

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Small Business

We are constantly inspired by the ambition and resilience of local business founders. We feel that the risks that they take lead to innovation and help in moving the world forward.

We’re lucky to be part of a community with lots of smart and inspiring women who own businesses. This week we had a chat with Calm Little Minds, a business that sells a unique mental wellness box made by a certified psychologist

Owned by  Dina Dimitriou, we chatted with her about why she started the business and we cannot be more inspired by her story.

What is your business about and why did you start it? 

Calm Little Minds was founded after going through some difficult times with my daughter who was being bullied and socially excluded because of her ethnicity. It was a difficult journey as a mum even though I’m a psychologist. Through Calm Little Minds and our products, I am hoping to educate as many parents and children as possible on the importance of mental wellbeing and offer them the opportunity to learn important emotional skills that will help them in any difficult situation.

What do you love about your business?

That I get the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives and help them understand and develop their mental well-being. Many people confuse mental health with mental illness. Mental well-being is anything that has to do with our feelings, emotions,  how we deal with stressful situations, our resilience and growth mindset; anything that has to do with us being a well-rounded person. If we don’t take care of our mental health then most probably we will have to deal with mental illness and it’s my mission through  Calm Little Minds to change that.

How do you manage your time between running a business and a family?

It can be quite stressful at times especially when I have deadlines to meet. I also develop psychology courses for Universities in Europe and it can be pretty hectic some days. I always plan my days at the beginning of each week and I also include my kid’s activities in my timetable since I don’t have any extra help. I mostly work in the mornings and after the kids go to sleep at night since I want to spend time with them in the afternoons. It doesn’t always happen, but some days are better than others. I also make sure to take time to take care of myself too since that’s super important as well.

Any piece of advice to other small business owners or anyone wanting to start their own business?

For anyone who wants to start their own business, I think I would advise them to be realistic about their expectations. It takes a lot of work and time for people to get to know you and your brand and it can be quite demoralizing at first. Success doesn’t come in a  day and if it does then it’s not appreciated!
For other small business owners, my advice would be for them to find their tribe. Having your own business can be quite lonely and isolating. Having people to share your struggles and success make the journey a bit easier and more pleasant.

Help your kids develop a positive mindset and live a happier life! 

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