Winter break is a well-deserved time to reprieve from homework and daily obligations and the perfect time to engage in fun kids activities that will enhance brain activity.

“Being on a vacation doesn’t mean we have to exhaust our students to keep Mathematics on their minds. A little fun and time out does not hurt anyone” George Abdo, tutor at Synkers

At Synkers, we believe, that students who engage in fun and educational kids activities during winter break come back to school more energized and have more ease getting back into their routine once the vacation is over!

We asked some of our tutors what is the best way to keep the kids sharp and engaged during winter break and they shared the following 5 activities to keep kids sharp during winter break:


Read For Pleasure

Stash the school books away, and read for fun!

“It helps to practice their reading skills and increase their concentration,” Says Sara Fakhry, a dedicated tutor at Synkers.

Regardless of age, you will always find something fun to read to your kids!


Have A Family Game Night

It is important to set specific times daily to spend with the kids and dedicate time to work on subjects they are lacking in a fun and interactive way!

Winter Kids Activities Dubai | QiDZ Family Guide

“I think kids must spend around 2 hours with their family playing an instructive game about the subject they need” Celia Jabbour, Tutor at Synkers

There are many games children can engage in; “like bingo, Pictionary, puzzles, hangman, drawing, coloring, and DIY activities” Says Sandy Ajaj


Keep Their Brains Stimulated

Crosswords, puzzles and Sudoku will keep your child’s brain stimulated and occupied.

These types of activities are important for the child’s mental development as it enhances their capability to solve problems healthily and logically.


Get Out Of The House

With the pandemic going on, it will be hard to go to many places but you can always go on walks, hikes, and bike rides around the country.

Winter Kids Activities Dubai | QiDZ Family Guide


Bake Delicious Goods

Cooking or baking is a great way to keep your kids’ minds engaged. Reading and measuring the ingredients of the recipe will be beneficial to help them and help them understand how to follow directions.


Winter Holidays Dubai | Kids Activities Dubai

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