4 Major Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for Swimming Lessons!

4 Major Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for Swimming Lessons!

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


The 3rd term of the school year in the UAE is finally underway! Parents everywhere are exhausted but relieved to be in the home stretch of the year. With all the business of Ramadan, Spring break and Easter, you might have forgotten or not have had time to book term 3 afterschool activities.

On QiDZ you’ll find lots of options to keep your kids busy as the school day is shorter and the spring days longer. In fact, there are lots of great swimming classes to enrol them in. Signing up for swimming classes is one of the best things families in the UAE can do. The year-round warm weather means that swimming is an ideal sport or activity for kids in Dubai. There are also lots of great reasons to sign your kids up for swimming, and not just to cool off from the heat!

#1 Water Safety: I would say that the top reason to learn how to swim and swim well, for a child or adult, is to practice water safety. Living in a country where everyone is always at the beach or pool, and where you often have a pool right in your community or backyard, means that the risks of drowning or getting hurt in the water are quite high. Kids that start young with swimming lessons, although it’s never too late to start, know how to be safe in the water and become strong swimmers, which is an important life skill.

#2 Confidence: Swimming well and the regular exercise of swimming and entering swim competitions can build kids’ confidence. They can see how much their skills improve and that they can grow and learn a difficult skill. That type of confidence is priceless and really contributes to their development.

#3 Long-Term health: The wonderful thing about swimming as a sport, is that it’s one that you can practice all the way through old age, unlike other team sports or even running, gymnastics and athletics. People who swim whether they started as kids or adults, tend to see the long-term health benefits of well-toned muscles, less aches and pains, and cardiovascular health.

#4 Athletics and Competition: For those kids who get into swimming, there’s also the competitive side of racing. This can be very rewarding for kids who want to compete, and can also be a great alternative to team sports competitions for children who are not into that.

Don’t wait any longer, sign your baby, toddler, big kid, or even yourself up for swimming lessons.


At iSwim they have classes for everyone from babies to beginners. At Revolution, they offer classes everywhere from Al Barsha to DIFC and for all levels. Evolve Aquatics offers private classes,

Torpedo Swimming have group lessons and private lessons.

At Urban Swim, you can sign up for a free swimming assessment, before you book their private lessons for all ages.

For something a little different, at Nemo Diving Center on The Palm Jumeirah, they’re offering a Padi Bubble Maker Class for kids aged 8 to 10 years old, as an introduction to Scuba Diving.


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