Looking for activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that are suited for your toddler? Read on!

It is never wrong to let your baby have his or her own taste of fun. As they say, “start them young!”. Introducing them early to activities will surely help with their development as toddlers. With this, here are some indoor activities in Dubai to jump start your baby’s adventure!

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Little Gym Classes For New Members

Ibn Battuta Mall, Jebel Ali

The Little Gym Classes | QIDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Who says that gyms are only for grown-ups?

If you were looking for great indoor activities, welcome to The Little Gym, where the true bosses are the little ones! By means of physical activity, the Little Gym classes utilize a three-dimensional learning approach namely, “Get Moving,” “Brain Boost,” and “Citizen Kid”. This targets your child to develop new skills in a non-competitive setting. Learning’s attained by kids at Little Gym will help them develop skills that will benefit them at home, at school and in life.

Make your baby strong by taking them to The Little Gym by clicking here or searching on QiDZ.


Baby Calming Massage Course

Love Parenting UAE, Eggs & Soldiers, Al Quoz

Baby Calming Massage Course | QiDZ | Kids activities in Dubai

Perfect for first-time moms or any moms who would like their newborn to experience a full body massage, this course at Love Parenting UAE will teach you how to give a full body massage to your baby. This special baby calming massage course is part of the International Association of Infant Massage and BabyCalm curriculum combined with an informative and supportive course.

Learn how to soothe your baby by clicking here or visiting QiDZ.


Kindermusik Classes at Bodytree Studio

Bodytree Studio, Al Khalidiya, AD

Kindermusik Classes at Bodytree Studio | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Life without music is meaningless. Give color to the young lives of your little ones by introducing them to music! Bodytree Studios is conducting Kindermusik classes, a method used in early childhood education and a recognized music & movement program created for little ones.

Kindermusic has proven to help children build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. The music and movement classes are conducted with activities that will help develop your child’s growing mind and body.

Have your kid take on the Kindermusik Class by clicking here or tapping over to QiDZ.


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