15 Kids Spring Break Camps in Dubai

15 Kids Spring Break Camps in Dubai


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It’s almost spring break! If you’re staying in town then signing your little one up to spring break camps in Dubai is at the top of the list to keep them busy.

From sports camps to mindfulness and chess camps, plus so many more, you’re sure to find something that your little one will love- plus when you buy now on QiDZ, you save!

Spring Break Camp, Aventura Parks

At the Spring Break Camp at Aventura Parks, your little ones will be Aventura Rangers and get the chance to test their climbing, ziplining, orienteering skills, whilst learning how to use a compass, build a shelter or preserve water.

Kids will benefit from real life “hands-on” experiences; when they can see, hear, touch and explore the world around them.

Choose from 1, 3 or 5 day camp, buy now on QiDZ here.


Velocity Spring Camp, Velocity

If you’re looking for fun kids camps in Dubai then this is the one!

Kids will enjoy 4 hours of nonstop activities including trampoline fun, sports, kids animation and more!

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Frontier Online Spring Camp

Do you little ones like science and space? Then they will love this spring break camp in Dubai!

The Space Innovator Academy Program is a virtual camp where kids will establish their start-ups in space science and technology.

Once completing the camp, students will realize that they have been tracing the footsteps of Elon Musk!

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Spring Break Circus Camp, Sham Circus School

In this fun Circus Camp, children will have the opportunity to experience and explore all Circus disciplines in a play mode.

15 Spring Break Camps in Dubai | QiDZ | Kids Activities In Dubai

Expert and lovable coaches will transmit the passion for this magical world through Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammocks, Hand Stand, Acrobatic Gymnastic, Tumbling, Trampoline, Fire Dance, Juggling, Ribbon Dance, Hula Hoop Dance and Twirling!

Choose from half day up to 7 day camps on QiDZ, click here to buy now.


Mindfulness for Kids Online Class, Mini Mindfuls

Create harmony at home by enrolling your child into the fully digital Mini Mindfuls at home course that comes with The Complete Toolkit!

The aim of this fully digital online course is to bring mindfulness into your home in the easiest and simplest way possible.

The Complete Toolkit is all about helping your kids build strong emotional intelligence, helping you find new ways to connect with them and solidify your bond together.

As parents, you will be pleasantly surprised by the personal growth you will experience, just by participating in this program with your kids.

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Dance Class, Mad About Dance

Perfect for the kids who love to dance!

These classes will focus on developing choreography to Bollywood music and allow the kids to explore a fun workout with a mixture of various dances that includes hip hop, belly dancing, Indian folk, modern jazz and dance pop.

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BrainOBrain (Abacus) Program, Mad About Dance

Check out this world recognized program!

An Advanced Abacus Skill Development Programme that uses Abacus as a tool as well as Brain exercises known as Brain Gym.

The BrainOBrain Program helps children with attitude formation, personality development, language skills, concentration & memory power.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics, Natalia Gymnastics Club

Sign you little one up to Rhythmic Gymnastics!

This program combines the elegance of ballet with a dash of drama and theatre. It boasts of being a glamorous sport, blurring the boundaries between art and sport.

Natalia Gymnastics Club is the only rhythmic gymnastic school in the UAE that is qualified to certify students by classification.

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Online Kung Fu Martial Arts Class, Shao Lin Marital Arts

Shao Lin Martial Arts offers traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi training for the mind, body, and spirit.

The effective self defense techniques include kicks, punches, flaps, strikes, joint locks, take downs, throws, animal forms, weapons and submissions while getting in top physical shape.

There are separate classes for kids , teens and adults  with each starting from beginner to advanced levels.

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Online Chess Class, Chess Knowledge

After watching Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, we’re all interested in chess!

Chess Knowledge will teach students the fundamental of chess strategy, tactics and other key concepts in a fun and highly engaging way by a team or internationally certified instructors.

15 Spring Break Camps in Dubai | QiDZ | Kids Activities In Dubai

Statics show that chess is a great way to strength the memory, enhance creativity, develop solving skills, boost analytical abilities of children, teaches children value of planning and foresight, self-instill discipline, self- confidence, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

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Swimming Classes, Al Wasl Swimming

Of all the camps in Dubai, swimming is a must!

Al Wasl Swimming Academy is one of the leading sports academies in Dubai, focusing on using sports as the vehicle to educate and provide support, encouragement and guidance to the family.

Through swimming, kids are given an opportunity to acquire knowledge and ability from professional trainers to swim correctly at an early age!

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Kids and Juniors Tennis Classes, PRO Tennis Academy

This is the perfect camp for and age-appropriate introduction to tennis.

Building fine and gross motor skills is particularly important for this age group.

Every lesson is structured so that kids can work on grasping, grabbing, large muscle movements as well as balance, whole body coordination, and basic athletic skills.

Throughout the season your little one will begin to build basic skills like throwing, catching and hitting.

Don’t be surprised if you see a big boost in confidence, too!

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The Explorer Space Online Camp, Frontier Educational Solutions

The Explorer Space Camp is part of the Astromini Space Club, where students get to touch Space hands-on.

In this virtual camp, students will start by opening up their knowledge of the Solar System experientially.

Ride the waves of light by building their telescope or connect the dots of science by projecting the constellations. With this camp, the youth will broaden their horizons with scientific thinking!

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Spanish Cultural Camp, UCAM

Spring break is here!

Whether you’d like your kids to learn Spanish or enhance their skills, this camp is a fantastic for both!

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Dig It Spring Camp, Dig It

Let your kids explore new topics and learn new skills outside of the classroom!

Kids will play, learn and stay active with the Dig It Crew.

15 Spring Break Camps in Dubai | QiDZ | Kids Activities In Dubai

From creative workshops, to games and sporting activities, your kids will be digging away the Spring Break boredom!

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Spring Teen Art Mentorship, Thejamjar

Tejamjar Spring Teen Art Mentorship programme invites students aged 11-18 years to explore a personal project on canvas over four consecutive days from 29th March to 1st April and from 5th April to 8th April.

Under the guidance and mentorship of artist and teacher Hana Akram, they will learn how to develop a concept, expand their artistic style and gain self-confidence in independent work.

Find out more and book now on QiDZ here.

See more Spring Camps that your little ones are sure to love on QiDZ here. 


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