Looking for places around Dubai where you can drop the kids off and that you can fully trust the staff? Look no further than Treehouse Kids Amusement Centre!

Who areย Treehouse Kids Amusement Centre?

Treehouse is a play area / kids drop-off for ages 4 months to 8 years. We are a team of people who love kids and take utmost care of them while their parents are at work, running errands etc. It is a homely setup where kids can meet their age group and socialize, which is such a missing experience especially in current times.

What kind of activities or workshops do you provide?

We have free-play where kids can choose the toys they want to explore. Or maybe they just want to use the slide and swing, or jump on the trampoline. We also have daily activities and holiday camp activities to suit the child’s age and interests. Activities include slime making, play dough, crafts, painting, sensory activities to name a few. We also have a retail section for toys and books for babies and toddlers.

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What sets you apart from the other centers in Dubai?

As the parents at our center say, Treehouse is a cozy and homely place where they can drop-off their little ones with full confidence and trust on the staff. The staff are very friendly and attend to the children with utmost care. They are trained in Pediatric First-Aid and are highly experienced in their job. Children love to spend hours here even without their parents around. There are parents who prefer to send their children only to Treehouse because they love the staff and the center so much and highly recommend us to their friends.

Parent testimonials

“Best place for kids ever! They are very careful and look after the little ones. My son is always happy to spend time there. Highly recommended.”

“My boy went there as soon as he turned 1. And he developed so well amongst other kids and the staff. The staff there are true jewels. They are so good with kids, they take care of them beautifully and they also keep them entertained. My boy still remembers them n loves them. Now my daughter has turned one and I am so happy to be sending her there. The best nursery in Dubai and the best caretakers”

“My two daughters are enrolled. One was at 6 months old (full board) and the other one 3 (half board). The staff is amazing they are taking good care of my girls. Thank you for everything”

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