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Activity Description

A dynamic 21st century museum, Etihad Museum is focused on inspiring its visitors with the story of the founding of the UAE. Through a unique visitor journey explore the chronology of events that culminated in the unification of the Emirates in 1971, with a key emphasis on the period between 1968 and 1974


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Hatem Elgaml

Very unknown and, as for me, it is an important visit to make if you want to understand more about the foundation of the UAE and its history until today. Very helpful staff and very modern facilities. Don't miss it!

Daniel Alva Sánchez

Little confusing to get around at first but once you start down the right path is incredibly interesting. Staff are friendly and the place is very nice. Would be 5 stars if it weren't for the confusing design.

Austin Dunbar

it was a nice experience to see the old UAE. The museum is so spacious. In general, it's a combination of old & new, vintage meets modern. And it smells so nice!

Gelo Gelo

History is revisited at this Museum. All details on the formation of the Union from the Trucial States are available as audiovisual information. Highly recommended for students. Enough parking, washrooms are available as usual when you visit public places in Dubai. A place for information and enjoyment.

Anil John

It was an absolute delight. We enjoyed our visit to the museum. It's made very well and my 9 year old son loved all the interactive exhibits.

Dhanashree Tope

Architectural marvel, must visit place to get amazed by the richness of Dubai's finely constructed building. The museum is unique and different from other places with technology oriented surprise elements feel us to wonder and get involved into the ambience. Entry passes is bit expensive but it is worth visiting once to experience the luxury and richness of the place and the country as a whole. Well built project

Nandhakumar G

Great place to learn about the history of the union, seeing the original place where everyone sat down was really good. Staff friendly and helpful.

Christine Pentecost

GREAT museum. Really enjoyed the designs and the interior looks amazing. Great use of technology to find out more about the history of UAE. Would defiantly recommend it.

Mehmet Ozkan

Interesting museum to learn about the founding of the nation and the leaders of the seven emirates and their visions. There are many interactive information boards. The museum also has a focus on the four branches of the UAE military. Outside of the main building is the Nations House, where the document to create the nation was signed. The museum also features a snack bar and a restuarant offering Emirati food.

Sven Hagenberg

Great museum. Use of technology was amazing. Quite descriptive. Also some fun quiz to enjoy


Very cool way to learn about the founding of the UAE. They have 3D videos and some artifcats. The most interesting pieces were the declaration and the passports. The tour guide was friendly and we were able to see inside the room where the declaration was signed and the guest palace.

brian frankel

Awesome building with amazing interior. Telling the story of nation and union. Interesting exhibition for visitors in every age. I visited that place during the week and we were the only visitors there. Spacious underground parking. Nice surroundings, if weather is nice worth to go for a walk

Paulina Altrych

The architecture and design of the building interiors is a must see. I loved its underground layout. The museum throws light on the history of the UAE. Its a great learning experience for school students and the general public provided you go prepared to see and learn. Well maintained. A good collection. Worth a visit for 2 to 3 hours.

Alexander B
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