Early Childhood Education- Dubai

Why Early Childhood Education Is Important

A mind when stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions! – Anonymous Early Years of a child are as important and delicate as the early stages of pregnancy of a fetus. As proper care and nutrition determine the growth of a healthy fetus during early pregnancy, similarly the base of a child’s […]

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5 Family Friendly Holiday Destinations From Dubai | QiDZ UAE Family Guide

5 Easy Getaways From Dubai

Planning a trip with young children always comes with a certain degree of excitement as well as anxiety: ‘What can we do with the kids?’ ‘What do I need to take along?’ ‘How will I keep my child entertained during the trip, is it safe, what food will they eat?‘ etc… The excitement is about […]

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23 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Making lunch time yummy and healthy for your kids just got easier with these 25 ideas that your kids will love.

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