International Womens Day | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

Celebrating Women’s Day: Q&A With QiDZ CCO

If you’re looking for business inspiration, look no further! Our final interview from women’s day is with QiDZ CCO and Co-Founder, Claudia Ribas. What is one way that you take time for yourself during the week? I believe that is really important to take care of one self to have more energy and give attention […]

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كيف نستثمر أوقات أطفالنا اليوم ؟

 هل تعانين من ازدحام يومك بالأعمال؟ هل تودّين دومًا التفرّغ لعائلتك واستثمار أوقات أطفالك ؟ لاعليك نحن مثلك تمامًا .. امنحينا هذه اللحظات ودعينا نحكي لك قصتنا منذ البداية : نحن خمس أمهات، نسافر في رحلة الأبوة والأمومة، تواجهنا مصاعب الحياة اليومية وتلهينا عن عوائلنا كثيرًا في معظم الأيام، ولأننا نعاني قررنا التعاون معًا بالتعلم […]

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Family Movies On Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

10 Fantastic Family Movies On Netflix

Staying in for the weekend just got a whole lot more entertaining with these family movies on Netflix! Sure to put a smile on your face, and completely kid-friendly – both parents and kids will enjoy watching these movies. So make some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket and settle in on the couch – here’s […]

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Earth Hour 2020 | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

10 Family Activities While Observing Earth Hour 2020

Now more than ever is an ideal time to celebrate earth hour. With just a few simple changes like turning off your lights, unplugging electrical appliances, recycling and conserving water, we are all able to make a difference in the future of the world. So this Saturday 28th March 2020 is the perfect time (as […]

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Backyard & Indoor Kids Games | Kids Activities In Dubai | QiDZ

QiDZ at Home: 6 Fun Backyard Games For Kids

Growing up we use to spend hours outdoors in the fresh air and sun playing backyard games with our siblings, cousins and friends! Passing down some of these games (plus adding some cool new ones) is a generational must. Here are 6 backyard games for kids: Paper Plate Toss Game An easy one to make […]

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Family Board Games | Kids Activities In Dubai | QiDZ

Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games

Credit: Originally published by: By Health Fitness Revolution – May 15, 2015 There are loads of health benefits of board games that probably wouldn’t even cross your mind. Those old board games collecting dust on the top of your closet could be key to keeping your mind active and healthy. Board games entertain and bring people together through competitive […]

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International Womens Day | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

Celebrating Women’s Day: Q&A With QiDZ Head Of Marketing

We are nearing the end of March but will always continue to be inspired by women around us! Today we’re sharing with you our International Women’s Day interview with QiDZ Head Of Marketing & Co-Founder, Nourhan Hassan. Read the interview below: What is one way that you take time for yourself during the week? I […]

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Mothers Day UAE | QiDZ | Kids Activities In Dubai

QiDZ at Home: Mother’s Day 2020 DIY Kids Crafts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve put together some fantastic activities for you to do with your little ones!   Egg Carton Flowers This is an easy craft to make to make at home! All you need is and egg carton, straw, paint and paint brush. Click here to see the full […]

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Cleaning Kids Toys | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

How To: Properly Cleaning Kids Toys

Contributed by Breathing Room Whether or not there’s a global health pandemic going on, every parent needs to stay vigilant in keeping their children and homes safe and protected from preventable diseases. There are plenty of precautions we can take to keep ourselves and our kids healthy. Cleaning kids toys regularly is one of them […]

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Chalk Games | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

QiDZ at Home: 8 Chalk Games

I remember growing up, mum would give us a tub of chalk and set us loose on the driveway – we’d be gone for hours! Now with a lot of time on our hands, it has been great to introduce the kids to some of these games that I had completely forgotten about.   Hopscotch […]

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